Saturday, 5 August 2017

99 and Moving On

According to Blogger, this post would be my 99th article since I first started blogging in late 2013.
Starting off with a picture of me

I know right? I CANNOT believe that I've written 99 blog posts in 4 years time.

Time is a strange thing. From an anthropological perspective, it can be both cyclical (i.e. everyday is the same) and linear (i.e. there are 24 hours and then boom, it's Monday); it just depends on what society you live in. In my case, it's the latter. And like all things in life, there is eventually a point when time will simply run out.

Yes, my dear readers, I am in fact referring to the end of my blogging life as The Amateur Anthropologist. 
Then moving on to Tiny Tee

To tell you the truth, I was actually incredibly hesitant when I first started writing this blog. I'd never been a decent diary keeper and was certainly not that keen on doing something similar online. However, I decided I'd give it a chance. And there we go, it's been 4 amazing years. From simple UK day trips to full on reviews of majestic castles (like Bamburgh and Conwy), British beaches (yes they do exist), and, of course, Haworth, the travel section of my blog will definitely be the most unforgettable part of it for me.

They say that when one door closes another door opens, and I do believe that this is true. Because honestly, blogging gotten me through the tough and triumphant times. It's not something that I'd want to give up that easily, but I do need a fresh start. So I've packed all my blogging equipment in my bags and traversed the globe from the UK by air (you didn't think by foot right?) and landed back in good ol' Asia.

This is the last you'll see of "Le Head"
It's a goodbye to academics, and a hello to career. It's a farewell to England, and a timid "sawadee ka" to Thailand. It's a momentous end to The Amateur Anthropologist, and an even BETTER beginning to my brand new blog, Simply T.

Because we're off on a a brand new adventure, full steam ahead.