Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Special Post - Fashion in Durham

Like what? A special post? You bet. Fashion in Durham's this week and there's a heck lotta events on ranging from catwalks, samples sales to after parties with special celebrity guests. I'd been working with the organization that's hosting this fashion extravaganza for a while in many different fields. One of the things I did was design the goody bag. I may be an amateur anthropologist, but I didn't say that I wasn't a fashion illustration addict/ lover/ somewhat-amateur. 

Female figure - first drawn on paper
Photoshop treatment - I present to you the final female figure (and yes that is my name on the top - parts of it because I've cut some bits off to make it shorter :-)
And soooo, after many sleepless nights of drafting and planning (all of which I enjoyed - art to me can NEVER be a hassle or a stressful thing to complete), I came up with the goody's bag final design which involved a mix of photos showing Durham's highlights and my drawings/ fashion illustrations. And I am very pleased/ touched/ proud to say that the manufacturing of my goody bag came out perfectly/ out of my expectations. I think this all really does go to show that hard work eventually does pay off - even if it isn't immediately.

The final logo - designed and drawn by me :)
My The goody bag!
If anyone is around Durham (England), please come along to our events! The timetable of the events can be accessed here: www.fashionindurham.co.uk


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