Monday, 9 November 2015

Funfetti cupcakes

Playing with your food

I know they say that the above should be avoided, but I think we can make it an exception when sprinkles (hundreds and thousands) are involved. In my opinion, funfetti cupcakes are perfect whenever you need a little bit of colour to brighten up a grey and miserable day (these come quite often when you've got a busy and stressful work schedule). Baking them is the best way to de-stress and forget about one's hectic life for a bit (around 1 hour to be precise).

You can buy a pack of pre-made funfetti cake mix if you wish. However, I like to challenge myself to learn something new, so I selected an easy white cake recipe and simply added the sprinkles to it. Both ways are equally as good.

Into the oven they go
Pre-decorating mode
Of course good food deserves to be shared, so make sure you bake a decent amount (a dozen worked perfectly for me and my family)

And in case you're looking for a good birthday cake option, these delicious and light funfetti cupcakes are definitely worth going for.

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