About the writer

The writer of "The Amateur Anthropologist" is university student studying MSc Business (Marketing) at Warwick University. She recently finished her degree in BSc Biological Anthropology (hence the blog's name) at Durham University. She started this blog in 2013 to help her family and friends from around the world update themselves on her daily adventures, and to help other international students adapt to living and studying in the UK. Since then, the blog has expanded to cover topics other than travel including food, fashion, books and reviews of events and brands, all of which the writer is incredibly fond of. She also draws all the images and takes all the photos that are present in the blog. She hopes that all her readers will be inspired to see life more positively and to explore the wonders of the United Kingdom by her articles. When she isn't writing, she enjoys playing badminton, drawing, playing the guitar, baking (especially cakes), and making new friends. She hopes to pursue a Marketing career, especially in client servicing or as a planner, and become a part-time fashion illustrator and journalist.

Life becomes extraordinary when you see beauty in the ordinary.

Hire me! (Services & Requests)

I am also happy to work with anyone, from brands to individuals, that find my blogging style suitable. An advantage of my blog is that it reaches out to a community of loyal readers that come from all around the world (notable countries being the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand and Malta).

At the moment I offer the following:

1) Blog posts (e.g. reviews on events and products)
2) Fashion illustration requests
3) Photography

If there's something that you'd like me to do that I haven't mentioned or if you simply want to find out more on the above services before placing an order, you can:

1) Drop me an email at theamatueranthropologist@gmail.com ; give it the title "request".
2) Message me at The Amateur Anthropologist's official Facebook page
3) Tweet me @TTivasuradej

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  1. Like your motto, keep writing, don't give up!