Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Conisbrough and Doncaster

“Let’s start at the very beginning…”

If there’s one thing I’d missed more than anything else (apart from my family) during this long and stressful academic year, it was traveling. The freedom to travel anywhere at any time is best experienced, in my opinion, on the railway. 

The next train departing from platform 6 is for...
And it’s not just the journey to the destination (in this case, Conisbrough then Doncaster) that’s exciting. For me, part of the joy is simply standing on the platform waiting for the train to arrive. Because whilst you’re there, you become immersed in a world full of gossip and chatter from arriving passengers, and the heartfelt and at-times tearful goodbyes to loved ones. 

It’s a colorful scene, both visually and in speech.


If photography is a hobby of yours, then choose Conisbrough as your next shooting location (my photos can support my statement, no joke).

I think it’s crystal clear by now that I am an ABSOLUTE castle-fanatic. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else on a pleasantly sunny day than going castle-hunting. On this occasion, I had little Conisbrough Castle set on my mind. Visible from its local train station, this 12-century castle is notable for its circular shaped keep (fyi, a type of tower). 

Personally, I felt that the best part of it was being able to head all the way up to the recently restored roof top and simply admire the beautiful scenery South Yorkshire has to offer (look out for the viaduct and the passing trains btw, it’s an absolutely magical scene!).


If it’s not crumbling walls you fancy, fret not. There’s a new and free exhibition explaining the castle’s history just behind the ticket office where you get your tickets to enter the castle. And if it’s a sunny day (like it was for me), taking a casual stroll around and on the castle grounds is another (or should I say, mandatory) option. 
Looking out from the top of Conisbrough Castle


The mighty minster of Doncaster
If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll realize that most of my adventures start out by train, followed by hours and hours of power walking (absolutely necessary if you’re on a strict time-limit and want to see a good 80%, on average, of what the town has to offer!). 

Throughout all these trips, the one thing I’ve learnt is that you need to check 1) the train ticket price and 2) the duration of the journey to see if the destination you’re aiming to go to is actually worth going to (e.g. you wouldn’t want to waste 3 hours going to somewhere and 3 hours coming back (making it a total of 6 hours on the train) for 5 hours only, and simultaneously, having to pay more than 60 quid << yikes!). 

After thorough investigation (well, in truth, a 10 minute scan on, I figured that it would be worthwhile stopping at Doncaster as well on my way back from Conisbrough as the ticket I paid for would allow me to do so before I went home.

Next stop: Doncaster.

I can't say that I found Doncaster strikingly enchanting at first. However, after walking around and giving it some time, I soon found comfort in my surroundings and highly attracted to its minster ( a complete architectural masterpiece in my opinion).

So, in case you didn't know/ haven't already realized, I have a thing for religious buildings (particularly majestically decorated cathedrals).

Honestly, who wouldn't? :)

Flags of the minster
Final thoughts

It’s good to strive for perfection but nothing’s perfect in life. So when you can find happiness and peace in something you like to do (i.e. traveling, particularly after a long and stressful year at uni), then I believe that your life is close to perfect (at least it is for me anyway).

Too cute! 
Let my travel adventures and blog posts continue. 

Hello Summer 2014


  1. Happy to see you return! Don't give up your hobby of travelling & writing.

    1. Thanks! It's great to be back - lookout for daily updates of my blog :D

  2. Looking forward to visiting these places now. You make thr places sound so amazing! F

    1. Haha thanks! I simply see "beauty in the ordinary" so anything in life is truly remarkable to me :) Be daring and give all the places I've blogged about a shot :D

  3. Yes, u only live once, so keep exploring & make your life a remarkable one!