Monday, 30 June 2014

Le Weekender - Issue 1

Snapshots of my weekend

I won’t say that my typical weekend is usually jam-packed with a diverse range of events – Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th just so happened to be the exceptions.
The Glitter Ball
Heaven's lights
And for me, any weekend, be it exciting or boring, HAS to include good food (see below):

Scrambled eggs in a tea-cup (aka. how a grand day should start); recipe upon request :)
Cheese and mushroom croissant and a grande sized hot chocolate with whipped cream - dieting can wait :)
Fashion in Durham ‘14

Basically summarizes the whole gist of the extravaganza that lasted a whole 5 days. For me, it started off on Friday night with canapés, cocktails and shopkeepers displaying the latest trends in the jewelry industry.
Simply stunning
The tubfa (bath-tub + sofa)
Too cute!! #themugwump
Personally, I thought one of the highlights was the display-windows - each were unique and cleverly decorated with a whole range of trendy pieces from local, Durham boutiques.
Trendin' in Durham

To top it off, the organizers of “the Glitter Ball” had hired a fashion illustrator to produce professional sketches of the guests for free (and upon request/ queuing up of course!).

Obviously I had to get mine done (especially since I was wearing my new maxi dress).

A special someone decided to join in/ invade my professional fashion sketch done by the amazing Melissa Bailey
Sunday was Durham does Thrift accompanied with city-center catwalks – I didn’t take any pictures (the camera decided to, quite inconveniently, die/ run out of battery life just before I left the house). Nevertheless, I felt it was a great way to end fashion week – definitely looking forward to another great one next year!

Fashion in Durham '14
Liverpool – A sneak-peek of Saturday

I shan’t say much more than the above (otherwise it’ll ruin my upcoming blog post!). If you’re ever in Liverpool (and if you’re not planning on visiting, I suggest you change your mind – literally), look out for the Superlambananas (see below); they’re simply ADORABLE.

Superlambanana :D
In a nutshell, you can never get bored in this metropolitan hub.

Tees Barrage – the Sunday Stroll

Was, in truth, a complete accident – I had been heading to the swimming pool…until I realized I left my towel at home. 

I then got changed for the gym but ended up crossing the Infinity Bridge and heading towards TeesBarrage International White Water Centre where young kayakers were eagerly waiting for the signal to head-off on their journey around the course.
Morning stroll down the infinite pathway
It was truly inspirational – I’m definitely going to try white-water rafting one day (when it’s warmer of course!).

And with such a spectacular and natural scene, I think it’s fair to say that I had the best start to a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful ending to another fantastic week.
Natural perfection