Friday, 19 June 2015

Hannover (TBC)

A (somewhat) unusual travel blog post

A cuppa before the flight
Just a couple of quirky travel pics
The lone vehicle
I’m sure you all know by now that I absolutely love travelling. Being able to see and learn about new things, and simultaneously meet and greet new people, can all easily fill my wanderlust cup to the brim. So, no matter if it’s to the stunning Sunshine Coast of Australia, or to a grand and bejeweled temple in Bangkok, any sort of voyage abroad can easily quench my thirst. On this occasion, my trip to Hannover, Germany, was for a completely contrasting purpose to tourism.

Yes, you got it: work.

Morning traffic on the way to work

Clock tower along the highway
The idea of traveling overseas for a corporate task had always fascinated me. I enjoy public speaking (was in the club during high school), and working in a foreign country to me seemed like the perfect opportunity to make use of my conversation and impromptu skills. So, you can probably imagine that I was more than eager to accept the job. Of course, no journey is complete without at least some obstacles along the way. Despite not being able to speak a word of German, simply because I instead chose to learn the language of Victor Hugo and Édith Piaf in the past, I managed to scrounge up some of my non-linguistic based interpersonal skills and utilize them to the max.

So many Green Things <3
Three little boats
What I gained from that experience is completely indescribable, and in the most positive way possible of course. If it hadn’t been for the guidance and support from my friendly and funny colleagues (at least they think they’re humorous), I would have probably struggled immensely during my time in Hannover.

Little Timmy
Although tourism was completely off our to-do list, that didn’t stop me from taking quirky and interesting photos whenever I got the time. Emphasis on the foodie pics in particular; it was truly wonderful having the opportunity to sample foods from various regions in Europe and the traditional German cuisine. 

Night-time feast

And definitely a huge thumbs up to the hospitality of the hotel staff.

View from my room

In summary…

From a worker’s perspective, my knowledge into the industry my company is involved in has undoubtedly excelled. From a traveler’s viewpoint, my short trip to Germany has definitely left me hungry for many more amazing adventures.

Before we take flight...
Danke schön for everything Hannover; I will be back.

A tasty memento

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  1. Interesting, please tell us more about your work, are you selling something special?