Saturday, 20 June 2015

Carrot and Walnut muffins

A change of heart and taste

Hot out of the oven
When I was small, I absolutely HATED carrots (with a passion, I might add). The earthy taste of it was truly displeasing to my palette, and the bright, orangey color didn’t help either (if anyone’s thinking of getting me a gift, make sure it’s blue). I remember picking out the carrot cubes (and petits pois) from the rice we got for our school lunches every time before I started eating. Somewhere along the line of my youth however, I took a massive U-Turn on my dietary regime. It was probably when I went abroad for high school. All of a sudden, my childhood enemy transformed into a lifelong companion. The carrot I detested so much unexpectedly became particularly pleasing to my taste. For what reason exactly, I may never know. Be it boiled or raw, carrots and I are now two peas in a pod. It works best in a savory meal (humus specifically), although it functions incredibly well in sweets too. So, carrot and walnut muffins it was (add cream cheese frosting if you desire a tad bit more sugar).

Packed with protein, carbs and veg – if I could have cake for breakfast, I’d totally pick this.

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