Friday, 4 September 2015

Hong Kong (Public Holiday special)

Venture through my day

To me, every day is special. Even if it happens to involve the most mundane of all tasks, it all ends up being a moment in the past. And even if the same day does repeat itself, there’s often a minor difference in the schedule somewhere. The place where I keep these memories is obviously my blog, and although the majority of the posts I've written tend to be based on an overarching theme (i.e. travel, food & fashion), last Thursday proved to be interesting enough to be blogged about.  

It all started with an extravagant dim sum breakfast...and two tickets to the C All Star concert later on the day.

Then it ws a nice leisurely stroll to the flower market.


Clearly, I have a slight obsession with roses (especially colourful ones)

Lunch was at the delicious Spanish restaurant, Espumo.

Lunch with a view

Here's a couple of pics of what we ate!


Tortilla espanola

Ok I know eggs benedict with avocado is not technically Spanish but it was too tempting to resist. Especially since the below photo shows that it's perfect for breadstick dipping.

And here's a couple of photos of the artistic motifs in the restaurant. Pretty cool huh?

Last but not least was the C All Star concert. I'll blog about this in more detail in a separate blog post but here's a quick taster for all those who are interested/ fans of this band.

Arriving at the concert arena
Photos with our dear friend/ singing sensation
Getting ready for the show
Obviously not every Thursday is a public holiday like this one was, and clearly not every weekday can be packed with fun filled events. But I think it's fair to say that when they do occur, I tend to seize them enthusiastically and cherish every moment during the 24 hours of freedom.

Stay active & positive - enjoy each day while it lasts.

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