Monday, 21 December 2015

Birmingham Christmas Market 2015 - BlogMas Day 1

Let the festive season begin

Advent calendars are traditionally bought to help one remember how many days there are until Christmas (as well as for a special daily sweet treat!). For me though, the countdown doesn't begin until my work is complete. That joyful day happened to be yesterday. Aside from spending time with family and friends, I thought I'd take this opportunity to start my first ever BlogMas. I've seen YouTube video makers do something very similar with VlogMas (where they upload a new video every day starting from, for example, the 1st till the 25th December), so I thought it'd be fun to do something like that with my blog (through writing blog posts of course)

So, for the 1st Day of my Christmas countdown, we'll start with my absolute favourite hobby (ever): Travel!

Birmingham Christmas Market 2015

I've been wanting to go to this event ever since I first came to England to study (2012 to be more precise). However, the train routes were never in favour of me going. So for the Christmas periods of 2012, -13, and-14, I had to visit the North Eastern Christmas markets instead (which were all very delightful). This year however, owing to a change in academic institution, Birmingham was only 30 minutes away from me by train.

Clearly, nothing could stop me from attending the metropolitan city's Christmas market and enjoying its other festivities this year.

Top highlights

It's a bit difficult to summarise how I felt about the event in just 1 blog post (simply because there was SO MUCH to do, see, and of course, eat). So, just for a change (because it is almost Christmas), I'm simply going to describe my top favorite moments:

Number 1: Arriving at Birmingham Christmas Market (was greeted by bubbles instead of snow!)

Number 2: Shopping, shopping and (even more) shopping! Definitely worth buying the following:


Number 3: Food Glorious Food (esp. frankfurters and chocolate)


Number 4: Unexpected festive surprises

Ostrich eggs or reindeer meat anyone?
Perfect Christmas prezzies for all dog lovers
Number 5: The Christmassy scenery (plus the awesome Ferris Wheel!)



Tomorrow's nighttime treat

So hopefully today's blog post has brought you joy, laughter and, undoubtedly, travel inspiration. Join me again tomorrow at 8PM UTC (Hong Kong time) for another Christmas countdown blog post -> this time, a theatre review!

Santa Claus has landed in Birmingham

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