Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Presents 2015 - BlogMas Day 4

First ever haul

I've always enjoyed the various haul-based videos that are scattered throughout YouTube. There are so many to choose from -- you've got your clothing haul, makeup haul, paint supply haul etc. My favorite definitely has to be the ones that pop up during Christmas (I.e. The "what I got for Christmas" videos). So in spirit of that, and because I've opened them up already, I thought I'd try to produce my own version of a Christmas presents haul (only through writing and photos rather than through film). 

As they say, "sharing is caring", so feel free to comment below on what you got for Christmas too. Hopefully this can give us some inspiration for Christmas gift shopping when it comes around next year (what can I say? I like to keep on top of schedule - always). And hopefully this will be the first of many hauls to come!

Boxes of joy

1) Benefit Party Popper (makeup and beauty advent calendar)
  • This was such a cool and nifty gift. There are 12 different products (for "12 days of [being] gorgeous") mainly for the skin, lips and eyes. I particularly liked the Total Moisture Facial Cream that was included. Oh and did I mention that the box sings to you when it opens? Totally fabulous.

2) MINISO Inductive Wireless Speaker
  • The name "speaks" for itself (pun intended)! I've never gotten a portable speaker for my iPhone so this is definitely going to come in handy. Plus it's in the shape of a Lego brick - what could be better?

3) Sweet treats
  • Chocolates are nice but waffles (pink box) and assorted biscuits (brown box) are even yummier! No doubt these'll satisfy my late night cravings for a long time (well...maybe for this month at least!).

4) AwaTaccino 3D Latte Maker
  • One word: AWESOME! Apparently you can make a snowman, bunny, dogs and even a seal. Hopefully I'll get the hang of how this works soon -- will make sure I post again once I have so you can see what I've been able to craft.

5) Fluffy Christmas blanket
  • A wonderful and warm alternative to fluffy socks. This kept me nice a cosy when I was in bed with the flu last week.
Before I end this post, I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who got me the above gifts this year (and for the ones I didn't mention in this blog post as well). They will definitely be used well  by me! However, what I will treasure the most is your support to me and our friendship - these cannot be bought by money and I feel grateful that they've been sustained for so many years already (and for many more years to come!).

Stay tuned for the last (extremely belated) BlogMas post which will be released tomorrow (aka. The last day of 2015!!!).

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