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Aloha from Hawaii, Tips from a Local

Hello Lovelies!

Just based on that, you might be thinking, "who is this?  This isn't the normal post..." and well, you're right!  I'm Krysti from KrystiEncounters and I've had the most awesome opportunity to work with Tiffany, here at TheAmatureAnthropologist.  We decided to do guest posts for each other and if you would like to see what she posted on my blog, take a look here ( Our post is going to talk about where we come from and some places you should come check out if you're ever in the area / places to add to your bucket list.

As you can guess by the title, I live in Hawaii, but more specifically, on the island of Oahu.  I must say that it is a really beautiful place to live and I am very lucky to be able to bask in the sun and share the Aloha Spirit with those I come across. 

​If you're visiting during an Eat The Street event, I would totally go--it usually falls on a Friday.  It's usually crowded and it's cash only for most, if not all, the food truck vendors, but it's totally worth it.  You can expect to pay close to $50 per person on all the food you're most likely going to be eating (bring an appetite!).  If I were you, I would share the food with whomever you attend this event with, that way you can try out more of the ono (delicious) grindz (food).  Some of the food is a specialty the vendors are making only for that night, and you may never see them again, so get your fill, and don't forget to ask the vendors which one you have to try while you can.  You can check out my post here on the latest Eat The Street event I went to.  You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram.

If you're coming to Hawaii, or thinking about it, it's probably for the beautiful scenery, right?  I would recommend hitting up the North Shore side of the island to watch a sunset, at least once.  No matter how long I've lived here, I can't get past how breathtaking the sunsets are.  Just be careful as North Shore becomes a hot spot for sunsets and it could be hard to find parking; but don't fret too much, there's plenty beach to go around.  I recommend going about two or three hours before sunset and wade in the water or sunbathe as there will be less hectic tourists trying to frantically find parking / a good spot.

If you're into shopping, I would check out the outlet stores of Waikele before hitting the department stores in the tourist hotspots like Waikiki; don't get me wrong, Waikele is jam packed with tourists as well, but it's still an outlet store with great deals.  It's currently under construction so I apologize for the lack of pictures to show you a little more.  I think my favorite is Charlotte Russe and of course the occasional Coach.

Close by to where I live, is a newly opened place I love to eat breakfast; Rise and Shine Cafe.  Yum! I haven't gotten to try all their food yet, but rest assure, I will try.  My favorite so far was their french toast.  My friend's favorite wasn't the eggs benedict, but the potatoes it came with.

Hope can find the time to come out here one day!  Oh, and don't forget, if you're not used to being out in the sun, or a harsher sun than that of where you live, don't forget to bring a higher SPF!  If you manage to get sunburnt, go to a local drugstore and pick up Aloe Gel, as it will work wonders and feels great!

Aloha, and <3 Always,


Profile of the (truly) amazing Krysti

Krysti is a 21 year old blogger who runs KrystiEncounters, mainly a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog.  The blog started as a hobby and a small space to express herself and has since expanded to be a little more organized and include other topics.  She lives on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii and loves to spread the 'Aloha Spirit' to those she meets.  Krysti is currently in University hoping to get her Bachelors in Business Administration, focusing more on marketing and is hoping to get a Social Media Marketing position in the future.

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Well folks I hope you enjoyed this very special blog post from one of the best and nicest bloggers I've ever met. Make sure that you go and say hi to her if you're ever in Hawaii.


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