Friday, 8 August 2014

Creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon roses on warm pitta bread

Decadence at dawn

Have you ever woken up quite early and thought WHY? Why are sleep and I not cooperating despite it being only just sunrise?

I have.

Normally I'd try to read a book to make myself drowsy or simply close my eyes and hope that I somehow dose off. But today, I decided to plan brekkie just a couple of hours ahead so that I wouldn't be pondering what to eat when I "eventually" got up. I was in the mood for simple but decadent. Something scrummy that would require minimal effort and use up my leftover ingredients. With the ingredients out, hob and oven on, and table set, it was time for some major cooking action.

It's more than just normal to be attracted to the delicious smells in the kitchen. But what I adore are the sounds. The sound of fresh eggs being cracked, the humming of the oven warming up the pitta bread, and the sizzle and pop of melting butter sliding down a hot griddle pan - it's more than just a symphony, it's a foodie philharmonic. And the design of the dish is equally important. I mean, why have something that tastes good that looks simultaneously boring? I see cooking as a blank canvas that allows me to paint whatever sort of creation my heart truly desires. For this meal, I was aiming for a homely and comforting look, with an added hint of flower power (hence the smoked salmon roses). Delicious and aesthetically pleasing, what more could a girl ask for?

Be creative. Love cooking.


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  1. Not only this meal is totally up my street, but your description of the kitchen sounds is amazing. We would be a lot more satisfied if we put so much into every dish we make. ;) xx

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