Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blueberry scones

Freshly baked
There's a very strong smell theme of "blueberries" that's been appearing recurrently throughout my foodie posts. Blame it on my taste buds, but these little gems are undeniably delightful (and healthy too!). They're delicious alone, in muffins (see my recipe here), or on pancakes with whipped cream. However, I've recently discovered that they also complement scones quite nicely. The inspiration behind this baking venture came mainly from a recent Vogue cooking video I watched (have a look here by yourself). Some of the ingredients were tricky to acquire where I was, and I also needed a recipe that minimized preparation time but could still maximize product quantity. So after a quick browse on Google, I managed to find my winner. And boy were the scones positively addictive - it was fun making them too!

A good way to de-stress and to make your tummy happy - that's my final verdict.

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