Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Interschutz 2015

Pre-departure thoughts

There’s something about fairgrounds that always makes my heart skip a beat (in the most positive way of course). Whether it’s the whirlwind of colours emulating from the carousel, the over-enthusiastic screams of children, teens, and adults on rapid rollercoasters, or even the smells of freshly made strawberry candyfloss and toffee popcorn, I can’t help but feel like a little kid in an awkwardly shaped adult’s body once again. I also think it’s due to my liking for international acts, particularly if it’s by the circus. So, I guess that by now you’re expecting me to launch into commenting heartily about my recent visit to Le Cirque du Soleil or a local British funfair. Think again.

A firefighting masterpiece
 Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my review of Interschutz 2015.

Photos from (a very sunny) day 1

Clearly, this is a foreign event (the name gives it away immediately). But it’s not the sort of stereotypical fairground event I was describing earlier. This one was about fire engines (and boy was there a lot of them). Just look at all my pictures.

Interschutz spectacles

And I’ll also have to add, each and every one of them were uniquely remarkable, although my photos show a couple that caught my eye in particular!

Highlights of the exhibition

During the event

I found the variety of visitors the most interesting. There was a definite antithesis in atmosphere between those that were discussing a potential purchase in detail, and others that were simply buzzing about which show or vehicle they wanted to see and try on next. This contrast was further emphasized by the types of clothing that each group adorned (think business suits versus t-shirts and jeans – a clear distinction between those doing business and the fans of each company).

Wandering through one of the many exhibition halls

To me, the entire week was a highlight. However, if you are desperate to know what I enjoyed the most, I’d say the live demonstrations hands down (never realized how tricky it was to save someone from a burning building and the incredible range of equipment you’d need to do this – very interesting). My only issue with them was that they weren’t always in English (I got the gist of it thankfully).

Simply stunning

At the same time, there was also an interesting array of non-fire specific industrial products, my favorite of which was definitely the aerial platform whose cage could shoot up to around 100ft high!! And for Hello Kitty lovers, there was a very cute fire extinguisher on display.

Fire extinguishers plus Hello Kitty

Of course, no exhibition is complete without freebies. From pens to posters, to sweets and freshly-baked pretzels, it’s no wonder that Interschutz was more than just a large business convention. It was an event for everyone, whether young or old, and be it for business or educational tourism.

Treats and Merchandise

A tip in case you ever plan on going is to wear comfortable shoes (seriously, the place was so big that it took me three days to walk through the entire arena!!); I did see some people on bikes and scooters so they’re helpful alternatives.

One of my most favorite logos at Interschutz

Final opinion?

Interschutz, I look forward to visiting you again in 2020.

Electronic dinosaurs on display

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