Sunday, 26 July 2015

Liebster Award - I've been nominated! :D

Say what? Liebster Award? A slightly different post by me today as you can see. The Liebster Award is a bloggers' buzzword, something that the majority will encounter during their writing adventures. It's our version of the YouTube tag I guess you could say, although the word "award" to it makes it sound quite professional! 

So thank you She Is Unstoppable for the generous nomination (who I must also add has a fantastic blog with food, travel and fashion posts/ photos -- click here for her blog). Here's my response to your questions:

1.   Are you in a relationship?
Am currently happy, healthy and single, so no.

2.   What's your blog about?
All the wacky things that go on in my life, with emphasis on travel (mainly around the UK), food (especially baking) and fashion. I do a couple of reviews on theater shows and events I go to. What can I say? I’m a somewhat interesting person :P

3.  Why do you start blogging?
Relaxation and de-stressing from uni work (seriously it helps). Plus it’s a good way for me to keep in touch with my family and friends.

4.  Are you satisfied of your life? What do you do right now?
Satisfaction is something I still strive for. Literally speaking, I am responding to this question right now (but career wise I am still hunting for the right opportunity).

5. Do you follow any tv- series? Which one is your favourite?
Silk (English law and drama – gotta love this combo)

6.  What is your main goal in life?
Still searching for it, will let you know via Facebook and Twitter when I’ve find it (am looking at becoming successful in something..).

7.Where will you go on holiday?
Next week will be Japan! <3

8. Which is your worst vice? 
My temper (mom calls me a rigid creature)

9. If you can choose a book to live in, which will be? Why?
Harry Potter – magic of course!

10.  Do you believe in this kind of tag? Do you think it can be helpful for your blog?
Definitely, it’s helped me appreciate the blogs that other people create, which can help me determine how to improve my own, as well as getting to know them. Live on Liebster Awards!

In order to keep the Liebster Award trend thing going, here's my five nominations (all of whom have sensational and inspiring blogs btw, click on their names to check them out!):

4) Mbcos

For you five fabulous bloggers, here's 10 fun questions from moi:

1) If you could be anything, what would you be?
2) Chocolate or Vanilla? Why?
3) Dogs or Cats? Why?
4) Blogger or blog you look up to?
5) Most difficult part about maintaining a blog?
6) Ultimate goal in life?
7) Favorite band/singer?
8) Name of celebrity you'd like to meet (if you got the chance to)?
9) Where do you usually get your inspiration from for new blog posts?
10) Fun fact about yourself.

I hope I've managed to follow the instructions correctly (fingers crossed!). Good luck to all my lovely nominees! Looking forward to reading your answers :D 


  1. LOVED IT! Cannot wait for some tips and advices from Japan! Lovely to have you on my Twitter!

  2. Lovely to have met such a wonderful blogger like you too! And yes expect loads of Toyko pics and tips from me soon :D x

  3. Oh dear, I really love your answers! You cannot image how much I've apprecciate what you said about my blog! I'm going to take a screen and to post it on my facebook page, if you follow me you can read it in the next days! ( Tell me ur name, I'll tag you).
    Oh, I forget to tell you that I'm going to add myself as a follow of your blog, do the same so we can keep in touch :*