Saturday, 11 July 2015

Don Giovanni's, Manchester

Sometimes in life, all you want is comfort. It’s a simple desire, and comes best served hot in the form of a warm and friendly hug (in my opinion anyway). However, when you’re alone in a big city, it’s difficult to find this shimmer of light. It tends to be extinguished by the hustle and bustle of people, the screeching sounds of taxis and trams, and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. So, when interpersonal affection becomes impossible to acquire, I seek comfort through an alternative form: food.

The stunning restaurant entrance
Being sunny-side up 24/7 is challenging, particularly when illness hits you. The world you once considered as beautiful suddenly turns into a nasty shade of gray. You become trapped in a thick smog of exhaustion, whilst having to push back against an eerie draft of flu. Not a good feeling, as you can imagine. However, this all changed when hunger struck at approximately half past six. Walking through St Peter’s Square, my wandering eyes were quickly attracted by the gleaming black and gold sign bearing the name “Don Giovanni’s”.

Italian for tonight I thought.

Tables filled up quickly as night arrived
The interior was hands down just as magnificent as the exterior of the restaurant. Tables dressed in crisp white cloths and adorned with the finest of silverware, the elegant and modern setting was further glamourized by the glittering lights. Dining in comfort and style, undoubtedly.

At Don Giovanni’s, you’re truly spoilt for choice. There were so many scrumptious dishes to choose from, you’ll definitely wish you’d skipped both breakfast AND lunch. I had the Pollo Alla Milanese, a delicious dish of spaghetti and lightly bread-crumbed chicken essentially. Am totally regretting not having a dessert – the tiramisu looked AMAZING (will absolutely be coming back).

Pollo Alla Milanese - the dish
But aside from the design and dishes of this lively eatery, the most appealing trait to me was the service offered. If I had to give it a flashy quote, I’d say it was “fast and friendly” (like I did on my feedback card). Aside from being served my meal in less than 5 minutes, I was given an unlimited amount of smiles by each employee. With positive energy radiating from each waiter, it’s no wonder Don Giovanni’s is an incredibly popular dinnertime destination. The dining experience I had totally ended my miserable sick day in the best and happiest of ways.

30 years of excellence already, and many more 5-star studded years to come, undeniably. 

A happy ending (and full tummy) to a very bad day

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