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Conwy, North Wales

A change of weather and location

Shipwreck! #onthewaytoConwy
Ever wanted to run away from your problems even if it was just for a single measly day? I have. It helps to clear my mind if I enter a new atmosphere, and I always manage to go back with a solution to my problem. The aggravating feeling of incapable of determining the precise answer was exactly how I felt on a gloomy, rainy Sunday several weeks back. I don’t usually mind wet days but it gets a bit intimidating if it occurs in a cyclical pattern; the weather inevitably left me pondering about what I could do instead of what I had plan to carry out initially. Rather than whining about the storm in my lonely flat, I decided to search online for a sunnier spot elsewhere in the UK.

A breathtaking sight of the sea & sky
Conwy bound!

Conwy Castle!
Hmm…Conwy in Northern Wales looks promising, I thought. Why not go for that?

The mussels sculpture


Commencing the voyage

The difficulty in beginning an unplanned trip comes mainly in the form of timing. It’s good to think on the spur of the moment, but it does become troublesome when one has little time to prepare for the train (20 minutes precisely). Fortunately, adrenaline had started to flow, and I managed to take the earliest carriage to Conwy AND have my breakfast (in record time indeed). My camera immediately sprung to action to capture the incredible scenery which I passed when I was transported across multiple bridges and tunnels.

Popular place for fish and chips at Conwy

I wasn’t the only one that was headed towards this little coastal town. The reason for this became crystal clear immediately after I stepped onto the tiny, two track platform. I gaped in blissful surprise at the stunning combination of medieval and seaside-inspired buildings, with a touch of religious icons. It was undoubtedly a truly aesthetically pleasing sight.

Conwy station
The little train station.

First glimpse of Conwy Castle!

Oh and there were plenty of birds, especially seagulls and pigeons (see below for evidence)

Peek-a-boo, the pigeon sees you!
(Sea)Gull guards on the watch

One word: YOLO

Pathway towards fun and fascination
The popular motto, “you only live once”, is a perfect way of describing how I exactly I ended spending my day at Conwy. Although I only had 6.5 hours there, I daresay I truly made the most of it by going to all its finest attractions! From the Castle’s walls to its mighty towers, the first bit of my day involved roaming the interiors and exteriors of this magnificent medieval fortification. Although the steps were step and plentiful, I highly recommend exploring the majority, if not all, of the towers at Conwy Castle. The views you get from the top are unbelievably outstanding, especially if you go there on an incredibly sunny day like I did.

Little red flag

Complete awestruck, that's how I felt
The couple says hello from up here!
He was feeling really bored...
Thereafter it was a quick lunch and compulsory ice-cream break. I tried a plate of Welsh Rarebit (or "rabbit") and thought it was alright – mustard has never been one of my favorite condiments but it seemed to go alright in this dish! Oh, and if you do fancy a creamy sweet treat, you HAVE to go to Parisella D & Sons (they literally had the best blue, bubblegum ice cream I’ve had in a very longtime).

Capturing perfection in a cone
Welsh Rarebit for lunch
Three little fish
I then skipped merrily over to explore Plas Mawr, a grand Elizabethan Townhouse. I’d totally recommend saving this for the middle part of your day-out in Conwy, rather than last. Why? Simply because looks (or in this case, the building!) can be deceiving. There was a lot more to see than I expected when I first glanced at its front door. I thoroughly enjoyed the guide’s explanation on the daily routines of past lives at Plas Mawr (definitely a huge contrast to how people choose to spend their leisure and entertainment time nowadays!). 

Arriving at Plas Mawr
Playtime at Plas Mawr - how it was in the past

Past-time trinkets at Plas Mawr
Another historical house I visited was Aberconwy House, a 14th century merchant house and official National Trust property. I enjoyed my time there but have to admit that Plas Mawr definitely shone brighter and satisfied me more than this particular building.

Found the hidden signature at Aberconwy House!

If you manage to find the time to do so, then I would highly recommend taking a boat cruise. Its running times are quite frequent, and you get a chance to admire the splendid seaside and castle views (as well as capturing them in film and photo of course!). 

Boarding the cruise!
My new boat cruise pal Poochie the doggie
Three bridges, Three transport methods (L-R: Car, foot, train)
Spectacularly sunny weather for a day out at sea
Conwy Castle from our cruise
Perfect name for a boat

After arriving back on shore, you can stroll down the beach towards the little red house, aka. the “smallest house in Great Britain”, for a quick nosey. Note: there are two tiny floors to admire.

I was taller than its door
Living room on the first floor
The bedroom - second floor
Of course no trip is complete without a couple of souvenirs – the Welsh dragon plush toy and Welsh cakes were perfect mementos to remind me of my incredibly fun and educational day-out in Conwy.

But if the above are not of your liking, there are PLENTY more quirky shops to purchase items from (trust me, I had a REALLY good look at each of them)


There was no doubt that I came back to my lonely little apartment feeling with elevated spirits and a look of true satisfaction. What started out as a gray and rainy day eventually turned into a golden day of sunshine with a little bit of flexibility and travelling.

Don't forget to signal for the train

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