Friday, 21 August 2015

Matcha (green tea) cupcakes

Inspired by travel

Green tea buttercream frosting
One of the things that definitely struck me as memorable during my short trip to Japan (Tokyo) several weeks back was the food. Whether it was from a local noodle shop or a tiny street stall, everything I managed to devour was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS. Seriously, I'd find it immensely difficult if I had to state what my most favourite dish was - I can't even list out every item we tried because there were too many! Think udon, curry and of course, sushi.

Piping perfection
For any amateur cook (comme moi), there's no doubt that all of the above ingredients can easily become inspiration for exotic, fusion dishes. However, rather than going down the savoury route, I decided to travel on the sweet path and  selected matcha as my special add-on. Also known as green tea, matcha produces a sort of bitter taste. However, when combined with a bit of sugar and baking-magic, it presents itself as the perfect ingredient for cupcakes (and simultaneously transforms them into a beautiful shade of bright green). Not overly sweet in any way, my suggestion for all you keen bakers out there is to challenge yourself to create a green tea buttercream frosting to go with your light and spongy cupcakes. Sure the cakes look great by themselves, but topping them with a swirl of frosting honestly increases their elegance (and also boosts your cake crafting status!).

The (standard) steps of baking (cake mix --> oven --> done)

Oh, and did I mention the cupcakes went down a storm/ very quickly into everyone's tummies? You definitely can't say no to giving matcha cupcakes a go.

The finishing touch
A photo of a photo
And although many of my culinary adventures have occurred through the lone wolf route, I always think it's fun to bake with other keen cake makers every so often (especially since we managed to make so many different treats within the short space of 3 hours!).

Decadent, dainty, & (very) delicious

Share the fun and cake - try baking with others for a change.

One of the tastiest lunches I've ever had! 
Matcha cupcake recipe: 

Matcha Cupcakes and Character Cakes

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