Sunday, 16 August 2015


A performance worth experiencing

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of attending the Supernova finals. Originating from 2009, it’s an annual secondary school contest aimed at discovering the best singer or music group among the Hong Kong youth population. It was definitely an enjoyable night. I liked how there was a mix of English, Cantonese and Chinese pieces performed by each of the 12 finalists. However, aside from all the merry melodies and star-studded dances, I had an additional mission during that evening: to support my dear friend Keanne Lee. With all her hard-work and patience, we all knew that she truly deserved to be crowned the champion of Supernova.

I mean honestly, her first song, Rolling in the Deep by Adele, literally blew the entire crowd away (just have a look at this amazing video of her if you don’t believe me: 

Also check out her cover of Speechless - left me speechless too:

Impressive right? The judges thought so too. We were all delighted that Keanne won at the end of the night after 3 rounds of eliminations and sensational songs. Glad that our cheering and voting helped her along her way!

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