Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just a quick word from the head office...

Announcement(s) --
Apparently there was something wrong with my comments box where only some people (the lucky few, lol) could actually post their comments on my blogs. I'm pleased to say that (I think) I have now fixed it -- yay!

So let's see some comments coming in then!

There's a new section on my blog called "QUIRKY PICS" A section dedicated to all the funny, cool, weird, interesting etc. pictures of life that I and YOU (yes you, you in the front row), have noticed. Send me some cool and awesome photos and you may have the chance to be featured on MY BLOG (yay!!! I am being legit happy here btw :)

Hope everyone's had a splendid day

xx The Amateur Anthropologist

My love for pasta and colors - simple as that


  1. glad the commenting is fixed so i can say how much i love your blog!

    i always love finding a kindred travel lover! can't wait to follow along on bloglovin'. xo the well-traveled wife

    1. Thanks! That's very nice of you! Had a look at your blog too - love the pictures! Following you now on Bloglovin and Facebook. Feel free to check my fb page out too:

      Will be uploading more travel posts soon so keep your eyes out! :D