Sunday, 1 September 2013

Welcome to my life...

Why hello there...

Welcome to my blog. I'm not a huge fan of long paragraphs so I'll keep (or try to at least) my intro sweet, short and straight to the point. I finished my first year of uni (yay!) in Anthropology (hence the name of the blog) in mid May and was left with more than a month's wait to try to find something to do in the north east before I headed down to London. 

I'd been told by loads of people that there really wasn't much to do around here so I expected a barren and boring wait. However, after looking around through brochures, websites and listening out for the places my friends appeared to have gone that were within the north east range, I managed to gather a list of landmarks and sites that I ought to visit. And even up until today, I haven't managed to visit even a third of the places I'd noted down. The castles, halls and gardens I visited were all magical. 

Every place added a chapter to my internal knowledge bank of England's history and development, every moment was memorable, and every day was a new adventure. And, to be honest, had I'd left the north east immediately like a few of my friends had with the assumption that there was nothing to do, I definitely wouldn't have had such an amazing holiday

So, essentially, this blog is a photo journal of all my adventures I've had in different areas of the north east. It includes, castles, gardens, beaches, parks etc. and also my thoughts during that time and any funny anecdotes. At the end of the day, I hope that my blog will convince you to come up north to see what there is to offer in this stunning and breathtaking environment. At the same time, I hope it'll also inspire you to look at things in a different angle. Often you'll find that my pictures are of quite mundane and ordinary things like huge forests and old buildings, or even just some graffiti on the wall.  But it is that level of simplicity that I crave for and should be craved for by everyone. For when we learn to appreciate the simple things, life becomes more beautiful and enjoyable. You forget about all the things that causes stress like materialism, relationships, the economy etc. It's a rejuvenating and relaxing experience, one of which will free ours minds and help our imagination soar to an even greater level (at least that was the case for me).

So grab your good walking shoes, water bottle, sunscreen and camera, and come with me, the amateur anthropologist, as I take you on my great summer adventure of north east England... :-)

The Amateur Anthropologist :-P

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