Sunday, 15 September 2013

Knaresborough - North Yorkshire

I'd passed it earlier on my way to Harrogate.

Have you ever gone past somewhere by some form of transport (e.g. train, car etc.) and felt like you absolutely had to go back one day to see what that place could offer? That happened to me and that is what this post is about. Harrogate had been advertised to me as a beautiful and tranquil place for a perfect stroll in the park and Betty's (we'll save the details for a later post ok?). A bright and warm Saturday in June indicated a perfect opportunity for a day out - so Harrogate it was.

At Knaresbrough station...

The journey to Harrogate was pleasant, although the train was required to stop a few times before I reached my destination. I had my iPod playing and so positioned myself comfortably next to the window and began to daydream (force of habit - can't be changed). I only snapped out of my daze when began to cross a bridge that placed us high above a town with checkered, black and white colored buildings, boats floating merrily down the running river and stunning fauna - complete outliers to the typical countryside features that had appeared constantly before. "We are now approaching Knaresborough" said the conductor as we paused to let people on and off.

A day out in Knaresbrough has to include ALL of the above
Knaresborough, I thought as we pulled away from the station, I will come back to see you.

Carpe Diem 

Such an aphorism but oh so totally true. July had me spending sometime in York for a brief holiday, and thus visiting Knaresborough was not a question but a must - something I needed to accomplish actually.

Arrival in Knaresborough
Arriving in Knaresborough (again by train), it wasn't long before I was totally absorbed and in love with the scenery.

Buildings in Knaresborough - architectural spectacles

Walking down the path that led travelers away from the train station, it gives you the chance to admire the well-structured and cute, brightly-colored houses that were positioned neatly to one another. But it's even more breathtaking when you reach the bottom of the path.
Exploring Knaresborough to the max.

People on boats paddling slowly on the River Nidd that stretched through and out of Knaresborough, quaint little cottages, cafes selling sweet and savory treats of different kinds, and the sounds of laughter from all ages were only some of the features that made up the glorious atmosphere that day. And with church perched on the pathway leading up towards the town that overlooks all of this, it's undoubtedly a wedding-perfect location (in my opinion anyway).

Now THAT's something you don't see everyday
Petrified objects of all sorts
If you ever visit Knaresborough, I suggest having a long and relaxing lunch (ice cream is recommended) along the river before heading over to its popular tourist attraction. Mother Shipton's cave has a plethora of activities to do ranging from an outdoor playground, museum, the cave (where Mother Shipton, a prophetess and soothsayer, used to reside) and, most importantly, the petrifying well. Think dolls, teddy bears, and pots that have been turned to stone, hanging on a thing piece of string under the edge of a cliff-like rock with water flowing down - it's crazy not to shudder a bit at the eerie atmosphere.

The Petrifying Well

There's more that meets the eye

The best view is definitely from Knaresborough's ruined castle situated on top of the hill that made up  the town centre; a definite must visit for all castle lovers, like myself, or those who simply want to explore the hidden passages of this architectural, once-complete masterpiece (the nearby museum can certainly accurate information to the visitor's knowledge bank of the town's history too). It is here that time literally stops to allow visitors breathe in the spirit of Knaresborough and observe how life is lived - a truly memorable picture.

The grounds of Knaresborough's castle
Quirky finds in a picture-perfect town
There's undoubtedly a vast range of shops available in town. From bakeries and confectioners to cafes and smooth shops, from charity and antique shops to gift stores, you can seriously spend a good couple of hours there browsing (and buying - hehe) both in and out of each store. 

Around the neighborhood...

But it's just not the shops that I was really drawn to when I arrived but the walls. From around every off-beaten corner lies a quirky picture or hand-painted icon of some sort; the Harry Potter-inspired one has got to be my most favorite. 

Waiting in line...
Hidden away but easily accessible by train, Knaresborough's alluring charm and artistic nature has left me in a optimistic and dream-like daze, a feeling that will be best satisfied by a definite return(s) to this lovely and picturesque little town.

Look who's home...
The most breathtaking and memorable view of Knaresborough


  1. Beautiful! Really want to go there now :D

  2. Beautiful! Really want to go there now :D