Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pose for independence

Pose for independence

Pose for independence by t-i-v-a-s-u-r-a-d-e-j featuring a brown tote (lol)

I heard that pink was in this season

At least that's what it said in the magazine I was reading the other day. Even if it isn't, who doesn't want to brighten up themselves with some color during the long and cold days that are ahead of us (or are are here already for some of us!)? Color all the way I say

Looking back at the Polyvore sets I've done, it surprises me how much I've developed in making these look interesting and, most importantly, different. My first couple of sets were highly structured - you could tell that there was a clear focal point (i.e. the clothing) of which was positioned in generally the same areas (i.e. the middle, corners etc.). The shape of the sets were the same -- rectangular or square-shaped (I've never been much of a circle or star-shaped set fan like some other polyvore users are, but hey that's completely fine). I put so much attention on the clothing that well, my sets looked repetitive both style-wise and shape-wise. 

It was actually really bugging me. 

Now I have a new focus - emotion or mood. Happiness, peace, anger, etc. you name it, and I'll make it. It's helped me really break the barriers - I don't think about the clothing (well not much - I still have some comfort areas and pieces I'd like opt for -- the boots in the picture being one of them), but about how I feel; it's become a form of expression rather than need to push-forth my style. It's a liberating feeling for sure.

Wild - unique - bold.

Three key words - a summary of my set. Seriously, what's the point in trying to fit in when well, sometimes it's too difficult? For me, it's to do with leggings and tights. Skinny jeans - yes. Leggings and tights - NO. I only have one pair (I got it because of its color) and I rarely wear it. I say if you're not comfortable with something, forget about it. Don't bother wearing something that people or the media dictate is "in style" right now. Dress yourself in whatever you want, and however you want, but most importantly - BE CONFIDENT. There's no point, in my opinion, to wear something that's very dear or uncomfortable for yourself when you can't walk, socialize, play, work etc. in it boldly and proudly. Obviously if there's a dress-code then you'll have some guidelines that have to be followed. Otherwise, don't worry about how others see or judge you. Just be yourself and have faith in your choices - that's more important than being "in style" (trends will always be there but whether they exist and have an effect in your life is dependent on self-will and conformity).

And on that note, I end this post by saying the following:

            BE PROUD
                     POSE FOR INDEPENDENCE 

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