Friday, 11 July 2014

Bishop Auckland

Auckland Castle

I think the title basically summarizes the main point of my journey. Usually I’m the one who recommends places to all my fellow readers. But on this occasion, this trip was based on a recommendation from a close colleague of mine at work. She’d mentioned it a while ago but I’d never gotten the time to go…until now of course.

On its official web, you’ll find its brief description as the, I quote, “Palace of the Prince Bishops for Over 900 years” (Auckland Castle Trust, 2014). Upon my arrival, the castle itself looked to me like most of the other historical buildings I’d seen before; majestic and profound. It didn’t strike me as particularly outstanding (probably because I'm a harsh critic/ castle-fanatic). However, it was only when I went in that I quickly understood why it was definitely admirable.

I mean seriously, just LOOK at the pictures

Why hello there...

I felt that the chapel was the most impressive part of it, especially the colorful and gloriously decorated ceiling.

In the chapel #castletour
The magnificent ceiling
And let's not forget about the food.

Time for a spot of tea (and cake <-- of course!)

And…Deer House

This title is slightly misleading because there are no deer living there anymore (or perhaps they were hiding from me :( – there used to be though! In fact, I found it home to a large herd of sheep! 

Stop baaaathering us :P
This was the only deer I found
Nevertheless, the house itself is certainly an architectural masterpiece, don’t you think?
The deer house
I think the most delightful part of my day was simply being able to sit for hours (well, about 1.5 to be precise) in the park that the deer house was located in and draw. Being among such lovely greenery was seriously the most relaxing thing ever after a long a stressful week.

In company of mother nature

So if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by work or just in need of a break from reality, give Bishop Auckland a try.

Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Auckland Castle Trust (2014) “Auckland Castle” Home page. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 11 July 2014]

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