Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ropner Park - Stockton-on-Tees

Alone at last

Signs in Ropner Park
I have to admit, sometimes being alone in life is better than being surrounded by a million others. Of course, living in solitude on a day to day basis is not something we should strive for. But having some “me” or “myself” time every so often does in my opinion make life just slightly more colorful and interesting.

At the Lake

And for me, that essentially involves a walk in the local park.

The beauty of mother nature.

Ropner Park isn’t the biggest park I’ve ever been and certainly not the most glamorous (if you’re ever in Hong Kong, do visit the Botanical Gardens; it’s fab!). As a quick summary, it’s essentially made up of a lake, pavilion and playground, with lots of walking paths and greenery in between. What to me makes it utterly perfect for a day out alone is its peacefulness and daintiness. I don’t think that there was a second where I wanted to swap listening to the sounds of children giggling and ducks quacking with my iphone music whilst I was there. I think I managed to spend nearly two hours walking from each location to another.

The Pavillion

And my are there a lot of ducks.

If you’re a keen photographer, then there’s plenty to take. From flowers to trees, and from ducks to sculptures, Ropner Park offers a wealth of picture-perfect moments and locations, perfect for any professional or even the lone amateur like moi. Words essentially fail me when trying to describe just exactly how truly gorgeous this place is. Give it sometime and you’ll definitely be able to see, for yourself, its true beauty.

The Daisy Trio.

What I think tops it off is the little metal information signs that have been strategically positioned in certain significant areas of the park. It’s great that it offers an opportunity to rejuvenate as well as educating oneself about its history and that of the local area.

The lonely but tranquil pathway - my kind of bliss.

P.S. Don’t forget your camera.

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